Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dope Ish - Vanilla Sky (2001)

I'm definitely late on this cult classic, Vanilla Sky, but after watching it recently I felt that it was worth mentioning. The movie, as a whole, is pretty damn dope. What caught my eye the most however was a particular scene in which the protagonist, played by Tom Cruise, is hosting a birthday party at his apartment. Instead of hiring a band, he displays a holographic image John Coltrane playing some of his best cuts. Something tells me that this was a bunch of Hollywood smoke and mirrors and physics doesn't allow awesome shit like this to actually exist, but a man can dream. If this is actually real, please put me up on game. Money is no option...I ball.

This is absolutely the most baller shit I've seen in a very long time. Well played, Vanilla Sky.


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